RFP examples worth highlighting

Web Design Rfp

The Education Development Center (EDC) released a RFP for the "Procurement of Website Design" among other things. This is a fairly simple and straightforward Request for Proposal, plain in both speech and presentation. Although misleading in the title, this is a web design and web development RFP. One does not necessarily imply the other.

Something that could be avoided is the explicit declaration that there will be "Presentations by Final Two Candidates.", what if there are three good candidates, or four? What is the point of limiting the number of presentations in the RFP itself? If there is an internal informal limit then keep it internal. It serves neither EDC or the respondents to have this limit declared in the RFP. I generally feed the same way about giving overt values in the evaluation criteria, unless there is a real specific point you wish for the respondents to address this puts too much of you internal process external. Especially when it involves something as poorly defined as "Capacity". Prior experience and expertise is a capacity demonstration, anything else is liable to be smoke. Reserve the right to alter your process via omission of non-pertinent process details.